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The volatility of today’s market dictates immediate responses on the part of the players, and to win the race one has to keep abreast. That implies understanding the intricate ways various cultural phenomena and events influence the behavior of target audiences and evolving effective tools to manage them. By launching its De:Coding project, the publishing house Look At Media has ventured to navigate its customers through the current trends and explain, or «decode», en route, their hidden messages. This will help to find new applications of existing consumer trends and explore relevant business solutions.
Katharina Michalski

With Russian society being constantly in flux, brands face the challenge of having to respond to shifting values and gender roles. This is why conducting trend research is key: it explores the context of the cultural shift and identifies emerging opportunities. The dynamism and inner contrariness of this ongoing change can be best explored with a semiotical approach. It extracts the true meaning behind Russian coded language and provides a deeper layer of insight. Look at media De:Coded approach is robust and signifies a great understanding of Russian cultural idiosyncrasies. It is highly valuable for brands that aim to grow in Russia today and tomorrow.

Global Trend Strategist at Geometry Global
Evgenia Smirnova

We thank the De:coding team for the quality and proficiency of its work on a project for one of our trademarks. As it worked on our order, the team not merely analyzed available information but drew a systematized trend report deserving extensive use in our business — a source of useful information and topical trends basing on visual examples from practice. The instruments elaborated by the team allow adjust our plans for next year. The original form of the report is also noteworthy. It reads well in its magazine format. The unique approach to the task was one of the reasons for the De:coding team’s success, which was developed by thorough knowledge of practically all contemporary trends.

Trend Reports
A generally available analytical trend report costing 450,000 (with VAT)
Year’s subscription includes four analytical trend reports and costs 1.2 million rubles (VAT considered) thus to reduce the price of every report to 300,000 rubles apiece (VAT considered)
Offline presentation of the trend report to the client team. The fees are discussed separately depending on the format.
One-day cognitive and practical work with the client team for applied use of information contained in trend reports. The fees are discussed separately depending on the objectives.
Custom studies follow the client’s briefing to analyze and forecast an audience’s conduct with an account for the briefing. The fees are discussed separately depending on the objectives.
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